What Is This All About?

If you have a specific question, just let us know. We are willing to be as transparent as possible.

What is BREAKING BORDERS ?2018-03-02T10:22:41+01:00

BREAKING BORDERS is a social/art company meant to connect people, break physical and mental borders and make a difference in the world. Our dream is to connect people who create pictures, statements or just motion patterns of their daily life. You are the pencil – the world is your canvas.

How can I join in ?2018-03-02T10:21:19+01:00

We are currently looking for pioneers who want to make a contribution. You can support us financially, help us develop our software or contribute your ideas.

BREAKING BORDERS states a message against demarcation by connecting people to embrace the world.

Mark Joachim

Meet The Team

Birgit Joachim
Birgit JoachimCo-Founder and CEO
I believe change is only possible with people from all walks of life and across borders.
Mark Joachim
Mark JoachimCo-Founder
I believe that technology should only be used for the benefit of humanity.

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With every movement we constantly create traces on an invisible canvas – our world. BREAKING BORDERS connects people to draw their own individual pictures, create drawings together and share their lines of life.

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Karlstrasse 13, 88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany

Phone: +49 7541 400891-210